RTK NTRIP Corrections + Event + Camera sync

Hello guys,

I want to make an real RTK survey/mapping plane and I have some questions/problems.
I have the full pixhawk 3 pro setup together with Sirius Zed F9P RTK rover.

  1. How can I send the corrections from the u-blox center conected to an NTRIP server to the plane? I tried through telemetry but I don’t have any control to see if it works or not. (PC with u-center is the same with the Mission Planner one)
  2. I want to attach also a Sony A6000 (normal body or stripped down UAV body - I have them both) and I want to connect it to the Zed F9P to geotag the pictures directly on the SD card. How can I connect all the systems to work together?
  3. I don’t want to use a base because I have a paid subscription on a national bases network.

(I have a working UAV system right now using a pixhawk, sony a6000 and tersus bx306 ppk gps. For this system it was straight forward to do the setup. I have one cable to power both gps and camera and another one connecting the pixhawk, camera and getting the event to/from the gps. The cable enters in AUX 2 in pixhawk. After the flight I get the log from gps and the pictures from camera and I geotag them easily.)

How can I reach my goal?



I really need this info. Yo guys from Drotek! Where is the support?


I suggest you to take a look at our online documentation tutorial subsection :

It should give you a good starting point on how to get your hands on the F9P device and u-center.

In addition, just to clarify a bit, we can indeed provide support to all Drotek devices related requirements and inquiries, but I hope you understand we may not be qualified enough to answer all your very specific project oriented questions.

Anyway, also I suggest you to take a look at the U-blox portal forum which could be very useful : https://portal.u-blox.com/s/

You can download the corresponding datasheet as well : https://store-drotek.com/911-sirius-rtk-gnss-rover-f9p.html


Thanks Paul!

I successfully sent NTRIP RTK corrections through RTK inject in Mission planner. In UCGS is not connecting to the NTRIP server and with QGroundControl I didn’t test it because we don’t use it.

I will do some more tests.

Hi Smartdrone,
How did you manage to configure the GPS unit ? I have a Pixhawk 4 (with its own GPS/compass - it has an arm button and an alarm as well) and I am struggling to get the Pixhawk configured for the Sirius F9P gps (and then pass the RTCM messages on to the Sirius GPS, and then use the RTK positioning as primary GPS reference over the pixhawk gps.)
Any chance you could share some of you keey parameters or setup configs ?
Many thanks, Peter