Runcam Split 2 camera Interference on GPS Neo M8N

I am currently building a smal flying wing controlled by Inav 1.8. I tested 4 GPS modules,
3 identical micro from banggood and the following one.

All modules are working when connected to U-center. But once integrated in the aircarft only one of them is abble to get a GPS fix, and it is one of hte Banggood one.

Using the Drotek GPS and its “got a fix” LED Ifound out that when the Runcam Spli is powered it produce probably a lot of interferences

But since one cheap GPS module from Bangoog seems to workaround the problem I was wondering is there is Ublox configuration or workaround .

If you need to protect the GPS from EMI I advise you the XL version with the shield on-board.