Safety switch px3 PRO

Hello, tell me how I can connect my safety switch to px3 pro. I understand that it is not provided. I read that it can be connected through an all-in-one module, but did not find where to connect it.
From the px3 in the module out the wires to the switch? Where to watch the pinout of the bus to solder my switch there?

You can find the pinout here

Thank you. I understand that I need the GND, SAF led and SAF sw outputs?

not GND but 3,3V

Thank you. All works good !

Is there a new pinout diagram for the All-inOne module? This link seems to be dead.

The Pixhawk 3 Pro documentation pinout for All-in-One module connector shows a “SAF SW” pin:

Maybe you can clarify if this is the right pin, and if the switch should be connected on the Pixhawk side or the All-in-One side.

You have just to connect the AllinOne to the Pixhawk 3 Pro. It’s plug and play.
And if you want to connect another device you will find the pinout of the Pixhawk on the link you have sent.