SDP33 Airspeed Sensor and Ardpuplane

Hello, is the SDP33 airspeed sensor compatible with Pixhawk and Arduplane 3.8 firmware ?


I think it’s not compatible with Arduplane. We use it with PW4 firmware.
I advise you to post on Ardupilot forum please.

An Ardupilot driver is in development, so support can be expected soon.

Drotek team is developing the driver for Ardupilot autopilots like Dropix or Pixhawk 3 Pro. :slight_smile:
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Good news

Hi Sephane,
I have a certain experience with APM 2.5 and Mission Planner on fixed wings gliders.
Now I’am trying to install a PIXHAWK 3 PRO to another glider, and I also wait for the driver for SDP33.
I think you’re interested by the same adventure. Sephane looks to be a French name. I’m French too.
Maybe we can share our experience ?


Bonjour Jerome,
Est-ce que le driver pour Pixhawk3 sous Ardupilot est maintenant disponible?

C’est toujours en cours de validation côté Ardupilot. La balle est dans leur camp! :slight_smile: