Setting up RTK M8P base manually with u-centre

I am trying to use u-centre to manually configure the RTK M8P base which I bought as part of a kit containing the base and 1 gps tag to be placed on a moving asset

My questions are

  1. When I use the u-centre application to try to configure the base it tells me a) go to View and then from the drop down menu choose MSG(messages) b
    b) It then says pick RTCM1005, click UART1 and USB and press SEND
    This is ok until this point
    c) It the tells me to do the same procedure choosing messages RTCM1077, RTCM1087 and RTCM127.
    d) the problem is that u-centre application only allows me to choose RTCM1005, and will not allow me to select the other messages.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated



Sometimes this application is a bit buggy.
Disable the auto-polling button on the bottom left corner of the windows and try again.

Afterwards double check that the settings you entered are well saved.