Setting up the TinyRTK standalone

Hi there!

We’re in the process of making a small chip to be put on an athlete for a ski competition. The TinyRTK rover module will be attached to a Raspberry Pi Zero, which also has a 10DOF sensor attached to it.

BUT, how should the rover retrieve the base station corrections?
I assume we’ll need some sort of radio link from the base station to the rover.

What kind of radio would you recommend for maximum range, but still smallest possible size? Is there any issue with configuring this setup using serial port, or do we have to use Windows based software for the initial setup?

And would we then connect the radio directly to the rover, or through the Raspberry Pi?


The easiest way to retrieve differential corrections is to use a radio link like this for instance.

If you need bigger ranges, you can have a look at RFD900, these are really powerful.

You can connect the radio either to the rover (in that case differential corrections go directly to the chip, no further processing) or the Raspberry (in that case you need to forward corrections to the rover). No issue with configuring from serial port or USB!