Sirius F9P base - add bluetooth

Hello Drotek,

it would be great if I connect the Sirius F9P base via Bluetooth to my app on the phone. I see that other people asked for that on the product page: SIRIUS RTK Multiband GNSS BASE (F9P) - DROTEK ELECTRONICS

I haven’t seen anything about this topic in the forum. I wonder if it’s possible to

  • buy a separate bluetooth adapter
  • connect the adapter to the Sirius F9P base
  • have the phone connecting to the bluetooth adapter
  • receive the positioning data on the phone

Do you think that could work?

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Drotek is planning to produce hardware that support both WIFI+Bluetooth. Its available in the end 2021.

I was able to add Bluetooth to the Sirius F9P base.

I bought this Bluetooth module: www az-delivery de/products/hc-05-6-pin (link is broken due to link limitation of forum - sorry)

I used the UART1 from the base to connect to the BT module (cable directly soldered to the BT module). That’s how you need to map the pins:

Base BT

5Vin VCC

You can ignore the remaining 2 pins on the BT module. The pin description is written on the BT module, the pins of the UART1 are documented here: Pinouts - RTK F9P Positioning Solutions
(UART1 is on the image the lower one - if you look at the base the left one)

You need to set the Baudrate to 9600 on UART1 (u-center configuration). Now you should be able to connect to the BT module (HC-05, password: 1234) and receive NMEA messages.

Unfortunately, you’re not done yet: Baudrate of 9600 is too low, you need to change it for the BT module. I used following instructions to do this: Bluetooth AT Commands Settings (HC05 HC06) - Arduino Project Hub

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Thanks for your very detailed instructions.
It will help everyone.