Sirius f9p Rover lost half of it`s satelites

I am running a Sirius f9p Rover connected to a pixhawk 3pro. (GPS port) In my initial bench testing ( outside ) the Rover pulled in somthing like 26 satelites . After that i started with the mounting into the Model . Loaded a custom firmware and a setup file for my setup. Did all off my other flightcontroller related setup and when done, i put it outside to Check something and then i noticed that it only got like 15-17 satelites.

Downloaded the Ublox center and connected my Dorotek Sirius F9p BASE with USB and checked. It pulls in like 29 sat and then i connected the Rover with USB. It got like 16sat placed om the same spot.
Im pretty new to this - but my easiest explanation is that i could see two more nasjonality flages om the right side of Ublox software with the base connected VS the Rover .

Where to go from hear and why did that happen ?
Help .

I think the problem lies with the communication between F9P and UCenter.
I want to know the status before and after the problem occurs.
The total number of satellites (in view) in the message is xxGGA. The satellite status messages are xxGSV and $ xxGSA.
The lack of these messages prevents UCenter from displaying the location, intensity status bar, ā€¦
Can you reproduce the problem again and collect the NMEA file?
(After running with Ucenter for a few minutes, just click File -> Save)

Hi there :slight_smile:
reproduce the problem is no problem at all, cause its like this every time.-
But i tested something else. I unplugged the Rover from Pixhawk 3 and ran it in U-center. it sure looked a lot different. It gave over 30 satt. coming in with Galileo , GPS, Glonass and BeiDou.
Then i connected the port to Pixhawk 3 gps port again and ran U-center.
Now it only gives GPS and Glonass.

Opened up the Generation 9 configuration View in both tests , and sure enough - When connected to Pixhawk 3 only GLONASS and GPS is Enabled . ( so im guessing that there is some setting in Pixhawk that does this ) but have no clue to what - Please advice :slight_smile:

It is important to consider what is the cause of the problem before taking any further action.
To make sure the configuration of the F9P has been changed by something, disconnect the F9Pā€™s RX1 pin and isolate it. Nothing can ever be accessed and changed to the default configuration of the F9P.

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Update / Solved problem.
I found out that it was miss match in the setup file that got handed to me.
In Mission Planner Full parameter list : GPS_GNSS_MODE.
Mine was set to 67 ( witch is GPS+GLONASS+Sbas )
In U-Center , under Generation 9configuration view i found that withut the Rover connected to Pixhawk 3 it had GPS+Galileo+BeiDou+QZSS+Glonass enabled.
So i Enabled the same in Mission Planner witch gave me value 109. and then i see the same sat count in Mission Planner as in U-center.
So thumbs up to that :slight_smile:

Good work friend .