Sirius F9P RTK Fix Stability Performance

Hi everyone,

I am using a M8P based RTK solution and 433 MHz 100mW telemetry. I can achieve “RTK Fix” accuracy but if the base station and rover is close to each other (less than 30 meters). If the distance between the base station and rovers increases, the GNSS accuracy decreases to “RTK Float”. I am planning to migrate to Sirius F9P RTK. What is your experience about the RTK Fix stability of the F9P? I have seen a nice comparison under this link. Or do you think that RTK Fix instability is due to the telemetry I am using?

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Hi there,

The range of the telemetry is upto 1 mile. The GNSS accuracy may vary depending on the environment you perform this test. Multipath is a key issue with accuracy.
However, please ensure the configuration is uploaded correctly for the GNSS module. As of the telemetry kit, ensure the set baudrates are applied to all the devices (Pixhawk, Base GPS, Rover GPS, Qgroundcontrol).
Can you please ellaborate further with the issue you are experiencing so that the community can help you further?

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Anthony Joy