Sirius F9P RTK Rover integration with Pixhawk 4

I am trying to get my Sirius F9P Rover GPS receiver to talk to my Pixhawk 4. On the online guides and forums it says that it is meant for the pixhawk 3 pro, and is more or less a plug and play. I plug my pixhawk into my laptop using Qgroundcontrol, I cannot access the GPS or recognize that it is connected to the pixhawk 4 on the uart or the extra telemetry ports as a secondary gps option (or primary for that matter). In addition, the manual starting guide online mentions that when flashing the Rover to use the configuration files provided. It appears that when I try to flash it using the “ublox generation 9” option that the “Store configuration into BBR/Flash” is not an option anymore, and only appears as an option on the “u-blox m8” option (the online manual here : is actually an outdated manual referring to older version of u-center than the latest that is distributed by u-blox). In addition, I get a warning that the firmware version given by the online guide is at 1.11 while the f9p rover expects a 1.12 firmware version. When I continue to flash it despite this error I see this on the log screen :
“Sending: MON-VER - … timeout occurred without receiving an answer. Retrying…!”

Is this an issue? It would be great if I can receive support for the pixhawk 4, if not we have ordered a pixhawk 3 pro already, and all we can do is wait for it then.

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Hi there,

Thank you for your post. As you mentioned, Drotek online guides explains the functions with the pixhawk 3Pro which is best suited for this scenario.
The Sirius F9P RTK GNSS Rover is a user-friendly installation and offers a simple plug-&-play functionality. The guide with the ZED-F9P is not required for this case.
When using the autopilot, there is no need to configure the F9P since the autopilot automatically configures the F9P through the UART1.
Either the pixhawk is encountering an issue or the firmware is not updated. You may want to update the firmware to the latest Px4 version and try again with the alternative GPS port/UART (6pins).
Please note that the F9P are handled by Px4 since the 1.9 Px4 version.

I understand that there is a difference between the pinouts on pixhawk 3 pro and the Pixhawk 4. The F9P GPS needs to be connected to the GPS port of the autopilot. Hence, the UART/I2C connector (Port #12) on the Pixhawk 4 ( could be used as a GPS port.

Have a nice day and good luck.

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