Sirius M8N Wiring

I’m looking to use my Sirius M8N GPS with a Pixhawk compatible card.

Can you help me with the wiring diagram of the Sirius Unit

Red could be 5V in and lower black Ground, but I need to be sure of the RX, Tx, SCL and SDA pins.


Hi there,

The module shown on the picture is refered to as “DP0105 (NEO-M8N GPS + LIS3MDL Magnetometer for Pixhawk 3 Pro)” and the pin outs are listed as shown below:

Wire: Corresponding Pinout Color:
5V - Red
GND - Black
SDA - Pink
SCL - Yellow
RX - White
TX - Green


Please refer to the links below to gather more information on the module.

Wire: Corresponding Pinout Color:
5V - Black
SDA - Yellow
SCL - White
RX - Green
TX - Pink
GND - Red

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I will check with your information.