My SIRIUS RTK GNSS ROVER (F9P) was working just fine for the past 6 months, but one day it just stopped providing any gps data. Blue LED is on. I’ve tried connecting it to u-center (I’ve had success in the past) and it connects but can not send/receive any data, none of the debug or message commands work. Is there any way to fix this?

Thank you.

Hi aidynskas,

Did you sort out of the issue ?
Anyhow, you can also try to open up the enclosure, then short the SAFEBOOT pin to ground and get connected to the UART1 over a FTDI chip (9600bauds - no parity - 1stop bit).
Then send the 0x55 0x55 command by using a terminal console.

Afterwards unplug the SAFEBOOT pin and try reconnecting to the USB port as usual.

Let me know whether it works

Thanks Paul. I’ve sent the item back to support and waiting for their response. Support seems quite very good so far.