Sirius RTK connection to pixhawk autopilot


I was experiencing issues when trying to connect the sirius rtk to my pixhawk autopilot. I followed the wiring pinout on . So just to get the colors right:

A1 = Orange = 5V
A2 = Yellow = TX
A3 = White = RX
A4 = Red = SCL
A5 = Green = SDA
A6 = Black = Ground

If I connect this now to my pixhawk I have to connect TX to RX and RX to TX on the gps connector and SCL and SDA go to the I2C connector. Of course power and ground are also connected.

Is this correct? Because it does not seem to work. I checked the pinout of the pixhawk 3 pro GPS port and it seems to me that the pinout is exactly opposite to the one of the sirius rtk. So can it be that the pinout should be exactly the opposite:

A1 = Orange = Ground
A2 = Yellow = SDA
A3 = White = SCL
A4 = Red = RX
A5 = Green = TX
A6 = Black = 5V

Thanks for your help!

So I changed the wires according to the pictures and wiring information of the pixhawk 3 pro which resulted in the exact opposite (like the second option I mentioned) of what was said for the Sirius RTK and now the GPS is recognized by my pixhawk. Unfortunately I think that due to the wrong wiring initially, something went wrong on the Sirius RTK and now it does not get any satellite count. Could you please tell me if I am right with my wiring and if yes why I don’t get any GPS signal?

You are right, there was a mistake on the pinout picture of the docs. I have changed that. Don’t worry this inversion can’t cause damages on your autopilot.

Thanks my autopilot is fine, nevertheless I do not get any satellites, do you think the Sirius RTK is broken because of the wrong connection in the beginning?

Hi Jerome,

I have the same problem. I bought a Sirius RTK and an XL RTK. It seems the documentation for Sirius RTK is still wrong (reversed). I followed the wrong (reversed) pin order first from the document first and then reversed it back after reading the pin order for Pixhawk 3 Pro. Then I try to connect the Sirius RTK with Pixhawk, there is no GPS lock. Then I tried to use the XL as the rover, there is GPS lock for pixhawk. Does the Sirius RTK only work with Pixhawk 3 Pro? Does the Sirius RTK also work with the old Pixhawk? It seems that the XL works with both Pixhawk 3 Pro and the old Pixhawk.


The Sirius RTK and the XL RTK have the same connector and they are both compliant with Dronecode standard.
You can connect both on all Pixhawk platform.

Hi jerome,

Thank you for your reply. I tried both pixhawk and pixracer to connect with XL RTK and Sirius RTK. XL RTK had GPS lock for both pixhawk and pixracer. But Sirius had no GPS lock for both. Since the XL has the same connection with Sirius, I believe the Sirius I bought is broken. I am wondering whether I can change a new Sirius or get refund. Thanks.


ok no problem. You can open a ticket here please

I just did. Thank you, jerome.