SIRIUS RTK GNSS BASE (F9P): few questions (specs, recommandations)

As a potential potential customer for this Drotek positioning product (and not experienced yet in this field), I have a few questions:

How do you charge the batteries? Seems there is no charger provided.
What are the connection means with external devices? Only the micro USB port visible on the photos? No bluetooth?
Which external device could be plugged with the 2 JST-GH 6 pins cables?
Is there a (microSD or other type) memory slot?
What would you recommend to protect it from rain, direct sun, etc?

Hello Severin,

You can charge the batteries using an external and provided 12V power unit.
The Base interface is also having 2 JST-GH connectors for both integrated UART COM port.
No bluetooth for now.
You can litteraly connect any device that needs to retrieve and send datas between the Base and any other UART device (another F9P device to achieve RTK positionning, a PC, a raspberry, etc…)
No SD memory slot.
Since the Base is not water resistant at the moment, a simple thin plastic bag around the device is enough to get rid of humidity. Direct sunlights should not be a problem.