Sirius RTK GPS Magnetometer rotation

Hello, I would like to verify the rotation setup needed for the magnetometer in the Sirius RTK GPS rotation.

The documentation does not specify a rotation for the magnetometer, however I’m getting compass variances warnings after calibration while doing prearm checks.

Note: This is with the uBlox M8P gps module

I also have one Sirius GPS with the ublox M8N module, will it be the same setting for that one?

What is the version of the magnetometer please? Do you use PX4 or Ardupilot?


I purchased RTK GPS Kit ( ) which contained the Sirius RTK GPS ( ). So according to that I have the LIS3DML magnetometer. If you want more information I have to open the antenna casing.

I am using the ardupilot flight stack.

Hope for a quick reply.

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Can you test 270_yaw orientation configuration please? That should work with Ardupilot.

Yes I ended up trying that after my first post and some trial and error, good to get it verified.

Best regards, Christoffer