Solo RTK board and use with NTRIP

Does the RTK solution require the use of a notebook/laptop running Mission Planner during the flight?

If not, can you use a network provided RTCM3 stream via NTRIP (on your smart phone, using Lefebure)? This seems like a much more elegant solution than a second standalone base, and would provide real world coordinates on an established datum or framework in real time.

If you have a physical base then yes you need some physical hardware on the ground (i.e. Mission Planner or QGroundControl) to encapsulate differential data into MAVlink and send it over SoloLink.

If you do not want to use a physical base but an NTRIP server, then you have to make sure that your software is capable of “translating” RTCM3 data into a MAVlink packet and of forwarding it to Solo via SoloLink.

Can you use Mission Planner with NTRIP at this point? An implementation that allows network corrections would be very elegant and useful.

You cannot use directly Mission Planner with NTRIP, however there is an easy workaround with RTKlib : you can create a small “server” very easily that will connect to NTRIP server and forward correction data to Mission Planner. We could help you with a tutorial if you need so.

Dear Kevin,
Yes if you point to a tutorial that would be really helpful.
I am looking at feeding my TinyRTK with correction data that is available online from an NTRIP server. I can have a PC (RPi) at home connected to the internet to interpet the NTRIP feed, and I intend to use LoRa as the means to pass correction data to the TinyRTK.
The first part of this, ie parsing the NTRIP feed and forward correction data, would be great if you could provide any pointers.
Many thanks, Peter