SOLVED: Dropix - What happend in flight?


First of all, the Dropix is very nice! I really like it.

Today, I had no luck with the plane. And I do not understand, what happend. I tried autostart. Several days before, everything was really fine. This morning I had some problems with the altitude. The Wing flew to low, I had to recover several times in manual mode. When I look to the telemetry-log, I can see that the plane had enough speed to manuver, and what I see, is that the autopilot had no desire to climb faster. But why?
This video was from the morning:
You can see, the plane can roll fast.
But when you look the video from this afternoon (, the rudder dont move a lot. As you can see then in the telemetry log, he had the minimum speed after 3 seconds, 25m/s after 5 seconds. Why is he not climbing to 30m? Better: Why it takes another 10s to reach 30m altitude.
Enclosed you find the telemetry log, the mission-file and the params.

And there is something other that is strange. The plane moves the wrong way in the log. Physically, I flow nearly 180° the other way (heading between WP 2 and 3). Ok, there was “Bad Compass” Msg. But the GPS Signal was ok. Why does MP move the plane this way? The Crashpoint is at :46.889535 / 7.382732. This is the first time I saw something like this. The HW was not changed.

Can someone told me what went wrong?

Link to the attachements: … sp=sharing

Got help on that from RCG. In the morning, I trimmed the plane due to weight-changing. A bad idea not to retrim it mechanically.

As I launched in auto-mode, dropix got not center-value from Elevator, so the Autopilot assumed, that I was hold the stick and lets me control the Elevator… well, to bad.

NEVER EVER TRIM THE PLANE BY RC-GEAR - do it allways mechanically.

Thanks for your feedback!!