Speed pulse/wheeltick/Emulated Radar

would anyone be able to tell me how set up a pulse to correspond to the speed without connecting to the vehicle ?

my understanding is that it is possible with wheeltick but only by connecting to the sesnor on the vehicule. i would like to send pulses based on the speed based on the movement of the antenna.

is it possible to create an Emulated Radar with the F9P ? and if so is it possible to send pulses with this ?

Available outputs for speed, direction, position … are NMEA data.
You need to write a program that parses that information and generates the pulse you want.

ok thank you for help. What system would you recommend to connect to the F9P for this ?

A microcontroller capable of calculating 64bit Float numbers (Double in C), supporting GPIO.PWM.UART … and the things you need for that.
The chip family ARMs 32bit, Skytraq, ESP, …
But wait, I still don’t fully understand what you want with F9P and your system. It is difficult to continue without asking questions for you.

You will replace a wheel speed counter with a GNSS-RTK receiver, so what is the output pulse you need? (PWM?)
You need advice on your idea (connection model) or how to build it ? (code writing, hardware connection).