Standalone mode for XXL RTK GPS

Hello all.

I’m interested to know if I could use the XXL model as a standalone GPS and if so with what accuracy.
I want to map out some areas of terrain, with best possible accuracy, in a region where I cannot use a RTK solution (long distances that would mean re-positioning the base multiple times).
Basically I’d like to use a XXL device and move in different positions, wait for the best possible lock/position, then move on.
Ideally I’d like to have it connected to an Android phone and maybe run some app that would get the data.
Is it possible to do this?
If so, what would be the best accuracy that I can hope for in standalone mode, assuming ideal weather/terrain conditions?
Do you know of any app that can run on Android and talk with the XXL receiver - presumably the phone would be connected by BT/Wifi to the receiver?

Thank you very much,

What do you mean by long distance?


The perimeter exceeds 20km and the shape is not common, some edges have 6-7km.
Besides that I understand that it’s ideal to have a base that has fixed known position but I don’t have any data/verified positions for that area.
So my was if I could use the XXL receives as a classic standalone GPS and if so with what accuracy.
I’m not interested in tracking while moving, I just want to get the coordinates for a collection of points on the edge of the area.

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The distance between the rover and the base have not to exceed 10 km.
You can use the XXL GPS but the accuracy will be around 2m.