Strange date on data flash logs

Hi there -
im having trouble with the dates on the Bin log files on the sd card .
Seems that the logs are made in the year 1980.
Anyone have a fix for this ?
its a Pixhawk 3Pro with Sirius F9P gps connected .

This will happen if a NAV-PVT message is received (received at 5 Hz) and AP_GPS::update_instance (called at 10Hz or greater) runs before the NAV-TIMEGPS message is received. Since the RTC will never allow the GPS to set its time a second time after getting a valid week, this date error persists until a reboot where it is likely to happen again and this gives logs with date 1980-1-11.
This problem only happened with F9P and it has been resolved here:

So please upgrade to the lastest version and try again.

Thank you - But I’m so new to this that when you say update to latest version and try again- is that a update for the F9P gps - ore latest version of Copter 4. something ?

And also - I’m running a special Helicopter firmware on mine .

I mean your flight control software.