Success! Solo runs with RTK

Thanks @Kevin for your support!
Very pleased with the results of my first flights.

Great :slight_smile: Looking forward to integrate the FIX/FLOAT flags depending on Solo’s integration status in Ardupilot master.


I also confirm our SOLO has got its RTK last week and working fine so far :wink: We are going to perform few tests on Wednesday.

Kevin, how can we get the differential corrected path from mission planner (or QGC)? it seems that it is not possible to get it from Telemetry Logs, right?


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Good to know!

Actually as long as it receives differential corrections, the M8P chip will output a corrected position, so all GPS positions that are in your logs are actually already corrected positions.

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Perfect! Thanks Kevin!

Just updated Solo to 3.5RC3
Still a bunch of glitches, but RTK works fine now with the correct RTK fix/float messages :+1:

Is their a guide on how to build this and incorporate it into drones? i do alot of hobby electronics stuff and this is a very new field to me with the base station rover concept.

You find that all on the Drotek website. :wink:

Very helpful, thank you :slight_smile: