Survey In Accuracy with RTK in QGroundControl

We’re working with the Pixhawk 3 Pro / Sirius RTK and XXL Base station and while we have been successful at achieving reliable .5m precision we are confused as to how we can increase this precision.

The lowest permitted ‘Survey In Accuracy’ in QGroundControl is .5m. Is it possible to force save a lower value?

Second question: Once RTK data is streaming to the rover, will the precision continue to increase over time?

Third question: Once the GPS reports a ‘float’ lock will it remain in this mode, or be able to transition to a ‘fix’ at a later time?

Thank you for your help!

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Setting a lower Survey In Accuracy in QGC can potentially increase the absolute precision. An issue was submitted so that QGC allows the users to save a position an re-use it without Survey In.

The relative precision only depends on signal conditions and convergence time. It is likely that precision increases over time.

A float lock means that the ambiguities haven’t been resolved with an integer number. That means that full RTK precision is not achieved yet. As soon as signal/convergence conditions improve, it can become a fix lock (maximum precision).

Hi @David_ERHUN and @Kevin,

I am also trying to configure a set-up by using the XXL RTK as Base station and Pixhawk2 Pro/Sirius RTK as Rover.

Currently I am just trying to figure out the correct connections.
Once I installed the u-blox driver mentioned by @Kevin(Please add it to the manual regarding this driver installation) in the Forum, the QGC now recognizes RTK and it shows the Survey Active status.

But could someone please tell how to achieve the GPS lock using the base RTK and get the status as:


instead of what I have currently


Thanks in advance!