Telemetry bandwidth needed


I’d like to try the RTK in my system, but we already have a telemetry channel in use (868MHz) and we would like to use it also to transfer the RTK data.

However to check if it is possible, I’d need to know exactly what volume of data has to be transfered (how many bytes per packet and packet frequency), could someone provide me with these ?



Would be interesting to hear what Drotek has to say about this. I also had this question some time ago and went with what the M8P datasheet said in section 1.6.3:

The RTCM messages output from the Base are by default configured to the recommended 1 Hz output rate. Corrections for GPS/GLONASS (or GPS/BeiDou) at this rate will amount to a load of approximately 500 bytes/s, assuming an update rate of 1Hz MSM7 corrections for 20 GPS/GLONASS (or GPS/BeiDou) satellites.

Doesn’t sound like much, but I have heard that RTCM3 is very effecient. We have enough capacity on our links for much more so did not test this yet.

Hope it helps


The base is natively configured to transfer RTCM messages at 1 Hz. We have measured rates a little higher than 500 bytes/s but it is a correct order of magnitude. It is true that RTCM3 is very efficient, but at a price of slightly lower precision of transmitted numbers compared to other formats. It is however perfectly suitable for RTK.