Tiny-RTK and NTRIP test / proof-of-concept

Just received my TinyRTK and I want to demo the RTK precision. I have access to our ‘free’ national NTRIP service, credentials working fine. No I would like to see RTK at work, on my laptop or mobile phone, before starting the whole ‘inject into MAVLINK’ route.
How can I establish the basic setup : get NTRIP feed from internet on my laptop, connect Tiny-RTK (w RW3742), and monitor the status on the laptop.
What software is best for this : MissionPlanner ? RTKlib ? UCenter ?
What configuration ? How do I pass RTCM to the Tiny RTK ? Where can I see the cm-level accuracy ?
Thanks !

Ucenter includes a fulli function ntrip client. You can use it.

I managed to get to FLOAT, I had to adjust configuration in Ucenter : configuration : PRT and then set the in/out protocol to 0+1+5 to include RTCM3 messages being exchanged between laptop and TinyRTK. Now Ho do I get from Float to Fixed ? and How can I see the accuracy of my "float"or “fix” ?

I got a fix in the end but it takes a while. I’m a bit disappointed given that this test is with the TW3742 antenna while static in an open space, which I guess must be pretty much ideal conditions. Even when I had a FIX, as soon as I started moving the accuracy dropped to 1m or even 1.5m. Is this normal for NTRIP ? Does accuracy improve when using your own base ?

You can use ESPrtk for your purpose when using it with F9P or M8P from Drotek.


ESPrtk is a Base can send RTCM / RAW to NTRIP Server (Caster).
ESPrtk is a Rover that receives RTCM data from the Caster. ( can also export NMEA data to another device via Bluetooth at the same time or send back NMEA-$GGA to NTRIP server at the same time)