Tiny RTK Base Connected to a Tablet

Can the Tiny RTK be connected to an Android Tablet running QGroundControl and a single 3DR 915Mhz telemetry radio?

Tablet (USB) <–> (USB) Tiny RTK (JST-GH) <–> (DF13) Radio

Or maybe like this?

Tablet (USB) <–> (USB) Radio (DF13) <–> (JST-GH) Tiny RTK

The first proposal is possible.

Thanks Jerome. I’m using a Pixracer (r14) with the PX4 firmware 1.8.0, do I need to solder the bridge on the Rover board? Should I connect the onboard telemetry radio as shown in this post or is that still not supported by the PX4 firmware? If that is still the case, then should I just connect the radio directly to the Pixracer?

You can use the main telemetry which is connected to the autopilot. Then, you connect the autopilot to the rover connector of the Tiny RTK.