Tiny RTK GPS and web network of reference stations (like Trimble, IGN)

Hello, I have:

  • n.1 3DR SOLO RTK GPS (NEO-M8P) - Rover;
  • n.1 Tiny RTK GPS ((NEO-M8P) - Base.
    This set is necessary to have a centimeters accuracy for mapping, photogrammetry surveys with my 3DR SOLO drone.
    But I wonder if to reach an accuracy <5cm I have to wait over an hour and even longer by switching on the pair of devices.
    To shorten waiting time, is it possible to make the Base (Tiny Rtk GPS) dialogue with a network of reference stations (like Trimble in USA or IGN in France)? This to be able to have the nrtk corrections.
    How can I do this?
    Could the system be configured as such (see below)?
    Web References stations > Internet > PC > (USB) > Tiny RTK GPS
    Web References stations > Internet > Smartphone > (Bluetooth) > Tiny RTK GPS
    Can I use U-Blox softwares, like u-center or s-Center respectively?
    Thanks in advance for any response about.

This is interesting. QGroundControl doesn’t seem to be able to connect to stations through Internet (RTCM) but Mission Planner includes that possibility (RTK/GPS Inject):

(shown connected to a station, but not showing activity (no idea why))

Guesses follow.

So Mission Planner running on the PC connected to an Internet reference station (NTRIP) could send the corrections through Mavlink to the flight controller (such as with 3DR radios), and the flight controller to the Tiny RTK or XL RTK serially (its software must be able to do this).

Web References stations > Internet > PC (RTCM) > Mission Planner (RTCM) → Flight Controller (Mavlink) → Tiny RTK/XL RTK GPS

No idea how Mission Planner handles this, and which flight controller (with which software) can do the last part.

Thanks Mabaka,
Sounds Good… I think you gave me a good idea.
In your screenshot I see “RTCM Base”, so,in theory, the RTCM corrections should arrive at the Base (Tiny GPS RTK) via USB.
Base> Rover (3DR ONLY RTK GPS) corrections travel via Solo Link, as shown on this page of the Drotek tutorial:
I will try this way and I will update you if the procedure is correct or not.