Tiny RTK GPS (drone edition vs NEO-M8P)

There are two types of tiny RTK offered:

  1. Tiny RTK GPS (drone edition)

  2. Tiny RTK GPS (NEO-M8P)

Do they have the same performance? and Dose Tiny RTK GPS (drone edition) needs GPS antenna?



Tiny RTK has its own patch passive antenna, so it does not need any other antenna. Tiny RTK has no built-in antenna, so it needs an additional active antenna.

Generally active antennas have a better performance than passive ones, but this is almost only noticeable in difficult environments, where sky view is obstructed.

Thanks Kevin,

Will the Tiny RTK GPS (drone edition) be available for sale soon? and Can I order it now?

We will manufacture a new batch next week, so you will be able to order it at that moment!

Hi Kevin,

I have been waiting to Ting RTK (Drone Edition) but it seems out of stock. an idea when it will be available?


If I may piggyback here:

Thanks to a collaboration with uBlox, we were able to test out your RTK solution with pre-release hardware from you. We were provided with a base and rover module which both looked like the drone edition which Mohamad links to.

In your store we can only find the rover version of this module. Is this simply because the base module is currently out of stock?

Is this rover (with the patch antenna) completely compatible with a Tiny RTK (w/o integrated patch antenna)? We’ve read about having to solder certain bridges for some use-cases with the Tiny RTK (non drone-edition), which we’d like to avoid having to do.

Can we expect better performance with a base module with an active antenna, paired with the drone edition rover with a patch antenna?

Thank you for your help.


  • Both versions are now present in our store.
  • Yes, there is natural compatibility between a TinyRTK and a Drone Edition with patch antenna.
  • This is really dependent on our environment, active antennas will not give you incredibly greater performance in relatively open-sky scenarios,compared to patch antennas, but they will help a lot whenever there is multipath. So if you do not plan to “fly under trees”, this setup might be good enough.

Kevin, thanks for your response.
I am not able to find the base version with the patch antenna. The module which we have here looks almost identical this rover, with the exception that there is a uBlox bluetooth module on the board. Can you provide a link to this module?

We are flying in the vicinity of houses, so there is a good change of multipaths. Would we therefore benefit from active antennas on the base? Would we ideally use active antennas on the rover as well?


The module you have is the one sold during our Indiegogo campaign. The version available now is a simpler version without the Bluetooth module. Yes if yo can afford on weight/price aspects to have active antennas everywhere your system will definitely become more robust against multipath.

You say that both versions are available in your store. However, I am not able to locate an RTK base module with integrated patch antenna.

I’m looking at these products: https://drotek.com/shop/en/233-u-blox-neo-m8p
I see the rover with the patch antenna.
Where is the base with the patch antenna?

Ah sorry didn’t get your question. We no longer sell base module with patch antenna. It is recommended to use an active antenna.