Tiny RTK GPS for precision agriculture

I’m trying to use GNSS with RTK corrections for precision agriculture, so I would buy Tiny RTK GPS (NEO-M8P) for rover and base but:

  1. I’m not sure which antenna is better for this purpose TW3742 or TW3740?
  2. I would prefer flat radome but has it any drawbacks comparing to conical?
  3. Would this system work out of the box with RTKlib running on RapsberryPi3 or there has to be some sw/hw modifications to make it work?
  4. I already have two LEA-4T modules, can they work with NEO-M8P(base) on some less important machines?
  5. Does u-blox uploaded sw for m8p to support Galileo?
    Thanks for help :slight_smile:
  1. Very similar , no differences IMO
  2. I have asked that question to Tallysman and they told me that conical is for stationary setup as a roof where birds or snow can stay on the top of the antenna while flat is for vehicles.

Thanks for answer

  1. I found some datasheet and there is:

    But I don’t know how important for me are these parameters?
  2. Good point :slight_smile:


  1. Yes but if you plan to use RTKlib, M8Ts are sufficient, M8P have a built-in RTK engine so you do not need an additional Raspberry running RTKlib.

  2. I think so, you plan to generate RTCM corrections with the base and then process LEA-4T raw data with RTKlib, right?

  3. Not yet.

  1. I wasn’t aware of that, I fought M8Ps just has some improved signal processors than M8Ts and UBX-RAW output would be the same. Are there any M8Ts boards in Drotek shop with external antenna support? Because I can’t find one.
  2. Yes, I would generate RTCM2/3 corrections with M8* base and distribute it to M8* and two LEA-4T. But 4th generations has very bad support and I’m struggling with them for quite some time with no luck. So I would buy M8* with much better support, configure, test system and then connect 4th generation to this.
  1. Unfortunately we don’t, if you really need two we can discuss it.
  2. Ok

I send you private message but I didn’t get any respond so I’m writing here :slight_smile:
I think I need to buy two LEA/NEO(?)-M8T with two external antennas TW3740, one antenna with flat radome and one with conical, both with SMA connectors. What would be the price, and do you thing it’s a good purchase or maybe I missed something?
I was looking for TW3740 in store but I can find it only as a option for Tiny RTK GPS and costs 113 €, and TW3742 costs 124,50 €. So is it regular price for TW3740?

Answered :slight_smile: