Tiny RTK GPS heading information

anybody knows if its possible to get the heading information out of the gps if both (base and rover) are moving?

my idea is to put base and rover on a car, 2 meter seperatet to make a dual.gps-system.
if its possible to get both coordinates (at the same timestamp) i can calculate the heading, but maybe its more easier


You can get heading from one single receiver easily, but if you want to use two receivers to compute it that is called “moving base” mode and it has not been released by u-blox yet.

Sorry, jeading was not the right word
What i need is the direction the car looks, even if it stands.
Maybe this is possible with two m8t but after long googeling i didnt found a answer. I think with two raw data of known distanze to each other this schould be possible, you now something about this?
Greetings from austria

You could try the moving base mode in RTKlib, and then calculate heading by using precise positioning data from both receivers.

Hi Robertw1,
are you still going on with the heading of two GPS?
I also would be really interested.
I dried it a year ago with two standard ublox, conected to an arduino due.
The system was working fine, but, the two gps sensors were drifting in different directiones, so, the calculated HDG was worthless.
The sensors were sending all 100ms, both sensors every time with the same timestamp.
So, I also hope, that it would work with rtk sensors.
But, I am hesitating to spent the money for two sensors as long I am not sure that I get exact data of the two sensors.
I would use it on my boat, always with free view to the sky.

Look for ns- hp from navspark. I ordered but still waiting for it

my questiones are:

  • can the base move together with the rover? (on a sailingvessel,
    quite good view to the sky)
  • has the base the same exact positioning as the rover?

Both you cam mount on the boat, base is connected with rover and rover sends data gpgga.
And heading, they say under 0.1 degree at 2m distance between antennas. Read datasheed its explained. Greetings from austria

Question is, how reliable it works.
Unfortunatly the tiny base and rover are sold out.
Would be nice to get a package with base, rover and antennas.
The navspark module has, as far I found out in the manual, in RTK mode only 1Hz update rate. That is not fast enough for me. I need at least 5 Hz.

5 hz moving base with new firmware