Tiny RTK integration

As I am using the pixhawk clone with custom firmware and custom GCS, do I still need to configure the base and rover in https://drotek.com/en/tiny-rtk-documentation/ or could i directly proceed with the Steps mentioned in http://px4.io/docs/rtk-gps/

In the last, how will it configure the rover and the base?

You do not need to configure the modules manually and can proceed with PX4 instructions. Your FC controller will configure the module automatically, as long as your custom firmware handles that part. Same for base module and your custom GCS.

So if I am using PX4 with QGC
I need not configure the base and rover and it will identify them automatically

Exactly, don’t forget to solder the bridge on rover.

The TINY RTK will work with PX4 firmware and QGC only using GPS Injection and not dedicated radio ?

With a dedicated radio you would need to make a slight modification on the code : GPS driver waits for acknowledge messages each time the FC sends configuration. Without this check it should in theory be possible.

For dedicated radio with QGC what kind of change would be required on the code??

You would need to configure the module so that it sends correct message at a correct rate and disable all the acknowledge checks from the GPS driver.

for dedicated radio with the PX4 firmware and QGC, how should the protocol in , out on the base and rover side be
Kindly elaborate on protocol in , out
What exact messages would help to pass the differentials from the base to the rover ?

For the base, configure it as shown in this tutorial : https://drotek.com/en/lessons/comment-utiliser-le-module-rtk-drotek/

For the rover :

  • Protocol in must contain RTCM3
  • NAV-PVT message must be activated
  • rate must be 5 Hz

Keep in mind you need to change GPS driver as well.

  1. I would have to just check UART 1 for the RTCM3 (for base ) and NAV-PVT message (for rover). Whatif I check USB as well ? Is it a must to check NMEA mesages (GGA, GLL, GSA, RMC, VTG, GST, ZDA and GNS.) on the base or rover side or both

  2. Whats protocol in and out ? for better understanding

  3. What did you mean by changing GPS ?

I believe the above modifications would work for PX4 firmware and QGC ??
My custom flight controller firmware is not able to read the GPS status from the Rover and display it to the GCS though it is slightly based on QGC. What could be the reason ??