Tiny RTK NEO-M8P firmware upgrade to HPG 1.40

Hi dear drotek forum

I was wondering if my Drotek Tiny RTK set (rover and base are tiny version) is supporting the newest ublox firmware release HPG 1.40.
Did anyone test that out already?
It would allow for some very nice features like moving baseline or super fast initial RTK convergence time.



I tried to update the tiny base RTK firmware to HPG 1.40.

It was unsuccessful

Could Drotek support indicate the startard procedure to safely upgrade the tiny RTK firmware.

Thank you !


We use HPG 1.40 firmware (base or rover) with TinyRTK, and it runs fine.

We use u-center 8.26 -> Tools -> Firmware Update …

C:\Program Files (x86)\u-blox\u-center_v8.26\flash.xml
57600 baud
USB alternative: checked
Send training sequence: checked

Unfortunately, the RTK FLOAT or FIX is not improved sind HPG 1.30,
the major improvement was moving base line support.


OK, great to hear. Thanks for letting us know anyway.


Hi, I tried and failed, think I lost fis file and now if I try updating it freezes or closes my computer, and won’t accept any messages in whatever firmware it is running…hope ublox looks at this upload problem, as of now I have an expensive useless GPS