Tiny RTK non functional after upgrade

I do have a big problem.
I updated my Tiny RTK module from HPG1.20 to 1.30 using u-center.
Upgrade went well and the RTK module seems to perform well connected to u-center.

When I connect now in Mission Planner in the RTK-inject tab, I cannot get a base position anymore. The Status SurveyIn Valid: stays False. It is connected though, I see the sats in the MP monitor, but - no SurveyIn anymore.

@Kevin is there a specific configuration or setup I need to do after I upgraded the RTK module?
Everything was working fine with the HPG1.20 out of the box config.

Did you update again all configuration parameters of base after firmware update ?

Firmware update reset all to default.

Check also that the configuration parameters have been saved properly , sometimes Ucenter mess them.
If still not working , return to default config and set them again.

No I did not. And I did not save any parameters before the update. Also I did not change any of the parameters as shipped by Drotek before the update.
Where can I find the necessary parameter settings?


The parameters listed in the wiki are supposed to be set automatically my MP. At least this worked with the 1.2 firmware out of the box.


You can leave parameters as default because Mission Planner is supposed to configure everything. By chance, did you update your GPS drivers? I have already had trouble with VCP drivers.

Hi Kevin,
I updated now the device drivers to the latest versions listed in the ublox support pages. Now I cannot connect at all anymore through Mission Planner. Following drivers are installed:
I get the following error (see screenshot).
The COM port shows up correctly in the Win device manager and I can connect seamlessly with u-center.
I am using the latest MP beta version
Any idea?

Are you sure that the COM port is not still used by Ucenter ?

The solution I received from Michael Oborne is to deinstall the ubloxGnss_sensorDeviceDriver.
Now I can connect with MP, however I still can’t enable SurveyIn.
Also, u-center now can’t connect anymore.

If there is anyone out there guys who has a working setup with a TinyRTK base on the HPG1.30 firmware, could you please post the drivers you use including the version numbers.

Since everything worked well with the factory installed HPG1.20 fw and older drivers, there must be something broken in my setup.

I use HPG 1.30 .

I guess I use the drivers provided with last stable version of MP but do not know how to check it.

I would suggest you to bring back your module to default settings with Ucenter , I suspect that MP Ublox automatic configuration mess it up.

I installed everything on another PC, now it works again. I plugged in the Tiny RTK and let the system install the default driver.
So there seems to be a problem with the drivers listed on the ublox HPG1.30 release notes. When you install them you mess up with Mission Planner.