Tiny RTK PX4 Manual Configuration

Hi and thanks in advance

First a little about my setup. I am using a dedicated telemetry kit and two Tiny RTK systems (base and rover). I am using a SnapDragon Flight board running PX4 and do not have MavLink available.

I was successful in getting the system to work standalone so I know my communication between the base and rover are good. I am able to get RTK FLOAT and FIX values. I save the parameters to flash and they power up in the correct mode.

My questions is how do I connect the rover to my flight computer? There is a port B on the system but what is port B? UART2? I2C? SPI? I tried to connect port B to a USB serial and then to u-center but am not getting any thing out of it. Correct me if I’m wrong but UART1 is dedicated to telemetry and RCTM messages but how do configure the rover to get the UBX NAV messages to the flight controller through port B?

Hi bgee,

have you tried using the USB port on the Tiny RTK module in order to connect to your computer?

This should allow connecting to your computer and connecting to the uCenter software.

Yes. Connection to my PC is not the problem. The problem I’m facing is getting data out of port B into the snapdragon. I don’t see any activity on that port. Do you know how I should configure the Tiny RTK to get data out of that port?

Solved. The port B is just jumpered to port A which is UART1 on the M8P.