TINY RTK results - analysis


I did the stand alone with the TINY RTK following the instructions here: https://drotek.com/lessons/utiliser-module-rtk-drotek/ and have hereby attached the results.
The params for the base and rover have been set as mentioned above.

With respect to the documentation (Pg 14): https://www.u-blox.com/sites/default/files/C94-M8P-AppBoard_UserGuide_(UBX-15031066).pdf

  1. The ROVER shows the FLOAT status with associated accuracy, hdop etc but
  2. The BASE does not show the TIMED fix mode and the accuracy but the UBX --> NAV --> SVIN shows the survey in time has been successfully completed and also the STATUS bar shows the “POSITION FIX TYPE” as TIME.

What could be corrected to get the correct results.
Any help in the matter would be greatly appreciated

I think this is only a display issue, if differential data wasn’t generated correctly then you wouldn’t get a float solution. Your setup looks entirely right.

From the C94-M8P doc, the base will show TIME only when the fix solution is obtained
Am I correct ??

Base should show TIME as soon as it has a valid base position (after Survey-in, of as soon as it has enough satellites) and starts sending RTCM data. Rover fix/float/single solution is only shown on rover side. Does that answer your question?

To see the fix status TIME in u-center, you have to explicitly enable UBX-NAV-STATUS message (also mentioned on the page 14), and best - disable other NMEA messages that report status.