Tiny RTK with USB injection from QgroundControl

Im thinking about purchasing an RTK system (not sure on exact ones yet from Drotek), but i want to ensure I can plug the base into my computer (mac) running QGroundControl and have my telemetry module (plugged into my mac) send the injection over to the rover module in my multirotor. I dont want a secondary telemetry connection. Am i correct in that this is all possible?



Yes that works perfectly with QGroundCOntrol with the main telemetry radio.

Im still thinking of buying this shortly. Thanks for the answer. Can I plug it into my computer via USB (if i choose an RTK version with USB)?

yes, you can.

What about a bluetooth module (HC-06 or something serial transparent) from the base to my computer and then a telemetry connection to the copter from the my computer?

yes that should work but it seems to be easier with an USB cable between the laptop and the base.

but then you would need to be connected physically and not have a unit high up on a tripod. So i wonder what the setup would be. HC-06 is only a few dollars so thats easy, guess would just be baud. going to see if anyone has ever done this is the forums (or you) first because that would make it a lot easier from a placement standpoint. Can also make a much bigger groundplane (10cm or so). I assume from what i’ve read the units are at 38400 baud? I want to make sure before buying so that the bluetooth unit can actually be on the same baud and it’s not some specific frequency.

Would this work with any of the units you sell (as the base)?