Ublox NEO-6M GPS + HMC5883 Magnetometer


I bought recently a Ublox NEO-6M GPS + HMC5883 Magnetometer breakout board and unfortunately I am not able to get it working.
I closed the 5V jumper on the board and connected my 5V FTDI to the breakout board.

  •    GND

5V 5V
Rx Tx
Tx Rx

The blue power LED is on but the status LED is doing nothing. I try to connect with Ucenter 8.10 but I don’t get any data from the module. The Rx LED on my FTDI board is also doing nothing so it looks like the GPS isn’t sending any data.
Is this unit dead on arrival? Or am I doing something wrong?
I would appreciate any hint how to get it working.


All GPS is tested before shipping so I think it should work fine.
Have you got the port com created? Can you test it with 9600 baud for the serial connection?

Yes COM Port is working fine. I use the same FTDI COM port in Arduino studio and the MultiWii Gui is also working with the Com port.
But the GPS module is doing nothing on the Com port according the status LED’s on the FTDI board.
If I send any message from the uCenter to the GPS module I see that the Tx Led is on at the FTDI but nothing is coming back from the GPS module.

Anyhow regardless of the com problem I guess the GPS module should as soon as it has power start working and showing something with the status LED?
The problem is still that only the power LED is on but the status LED is doing nothing.

Send me back the GPS and we will test it.