Ublox NEO-M8N GPS module keeps resetting


today I received the new Ublox NEO-M8N GPS module.
When connecting the module with USB and launching U-Center, i can access the module. But the module keeps resetting from time to time. Also in the U-Center a lot of satelites are shown, and then blank/flat line for dB and Sat Overview. After some seconds it comes back with 1 sat, then more… And then after some time same happens again. At same time i see disconnect and hear unplug / plug sound. (USB disconnect / reconnect).
Sometimes it keeps running up to 1-2 minutes, then on other times it reboots every few seconds.

Tried 3 different computers, all the same problem. Tried USB2 and USB3 ports, same problem.

Tried with 9600, 57600 and 115200 baud. Same problem.

Soldered then the 3,3V pad and connected a 3,3V FTDI with crossed RX/TX. Can connect to module. But same problem that after some time satelite signal goes flat for all sats at same time, then after some seconds back. during this time no green flash of connect symbol on bottol of U-Center. So no communication. So seems also rebooting…

Tried to reset module to default values. Back to 9600 baud. Same problem.

HELP. Is module defect?

Best regards,


Hi Manuel,

you tested differents computers but your USB wire is good?

Hi LoriuQ,

yes, I tested 2 different cables. I was first worried that my new 2 meter USB cable was broken, so I connected with a older 75cm USB cable. But same effect.,

And when connected via FTDI (and a different USB cable to FTDI as it has a different connector) you can see that module looses connection from time to time to FTDI (for example when reading config, when transferring offline GNNS data etc.) Also at same time all satellites go to 0.

I sent back Module for review. Hopefully Drotek will find the error…

Best regards,