Ublox NEO-M8T Firmware version

Hi all,

I tried to update some of my M8T modules to the latest firmware (3.01) but had to learn that the update is only available for the M8N and M8P.
Hence, my question is, which firmware is running on your M8T GPS modules?


Thanks a lot in advance,

Hi Thorsten,

The firmware present in our devices is TIM 1.10. The update with M8N firmware has been attempted by some users and is functional, although it breaks some functionalities.

Firmware TIM 1.11 has not yet been made available publicly and is only for testing purposes.

Hi Kevin,

I was referring to this post:

and especially the info that the M8T now supports Gallileo.
So, if TIM 1.10 is Flash FW 3.01 and Gallileo is supported on your M8T modules - perfect!

It is :

thanks! Ordered!

how to update the firmware?



You can follow these instructions, make sure you download the correct firmware from u-blox website :

Thanks Kevin.
There isn’t any firmware for M8T from u-blox website :worried: where I can download it?



The M8T firmware has not yet been released by u-blox. Some users are using the M8N firmware instead, but that breaks some functions.