Ublox NEO-M8U GPS + LIS3MDL compass (XL)


I’m seraching a technical reference for you product: ublox NEO-M8U GPS + LIS3MDL compass (XL)

Specially the mechanical drawing of the PCB with the position of the 6 pin through hole pinheader in relation to the mounting holes.

Additionally there are no informations about powering of the PCB. It’s possible to power the PCB only by the 5V pin from the through hole pinheader ?

Are the LIS3MDL then powered from the regulator inside of the ublox module ?

Best regards, Volker

Yes, you can power supply the GPS with 5V on both of connectors.
The LIS3MDL compass is powered by the 5V regulator.

I am also looking for mechanical drawings. The 6 pin through hole has changed from the previous incarnation of these boards. Could you please upload a drawing so the integration can be done?

A technical Drawing I didn’t have, but I’m creating a Eagle library for this Part a few month earlier. If it’s helping I could send it to you ?

I will be glad if you can send me the eagle, too.


here are the library. Hope it’s helping.