Unable to connect Tiny RTK to U-center

I just received my Tiny RTK and I am trying to connect it to U-center to configure it as the base. However, Ucenter does not recognize it and does not give me the option to open the com port. The blue led is on and i have tried multiple USB cables. Can anyone help?


Do you have drivers installed? Does it work with other modules?

I just installed the driver, but I still can’t connect. I tried with the base and the rover module.

Kevin, I tried a different usb cable and am now able to connect with the base, but still nothing from the rover. When my rover arrived the package was damaged, but the contents looked ok, maybe it was damaged in transport? May I exchange it?

If you think there can be a hardware problem you can open a ticket there : https://drotek.com/en/contact-drotek/after-sale-service/

We will check every functionality and provide you with some feedback.