Upgrade of old project with Drotek products

I am working to improve an old project of my company with newest technologies. In that project an Drotek IMU module and UBlox GPS was used.

Here is the reference that I have.
IMU : IMU 10DOF-MPU6050+HMC5983+MS5611 Drotek CAP0062Z02
GPS Antenna : GNSS Antenne Tallysman TW4721(GPS,GLONASS,BEIDOU)

We are trying to use this project to build a newest solution with our new products and technologies.
We wonder if there is any of your product that provide the same services as that IMU and GPS and will allow us to use our old software with as few changes as possible.
We are actually using RTIMULIB and GPSD libs for our older project.
Can you help me with that topic to choose the best replacement for our GPS and IMU.
Best regards,