Using RTK with Sitescan

I’ve got a Sitescan setup and I’m wondering about the ability to use it with RTK. Looks like there is a custom firmware that I’ll be needing… not sure if that will break anything with Sitescan, I think they may have done something custom there to support the Sony camera. But, assuming that isn’t an issue, will this even benefit me? I’m reading the doc and I’m still not entirely certain about the link, it seems like either the base is connected to a ground control laptop or it needs an additional data link for telemetry. Can I set up RTK with a laptop and then use the tablet Sitescan software to operate the drone?

What flight controller are you using? RTK ability will not break Sitescan, as it will substitute “classical” GPS coordinates by “precise” GPS coordinates inside your logs, so it will be transparent. The Sony camera support can be an issue, maybe we can help you sorting it out if you give us more information about your setup. Same for the datalink, if you already have one, differential correction data can be encapsulated inside it, removing the need for an additional datalink.

It’s just the standard 3DR Solo, so Pixhawk 2 I believe. It’s a turnkey setup, I’ve done no modifications to it yet. For reference, here’s Sitescan It’s just the 3DR Solo with standard control and their custom iPad app, but really if you use the Android app Tower with it then it still thinks it’s connected to Sitescan.

Ok thanks for the information. I am not really sure about the Sony camera integration, I would have to look further into it and verify than firmware update does not break anyhting with it. Do you know if Sitescan will let you connect a base with USB and send differential data over SoloLink?

I haven’t worked with that side of drone operation, that’s the part I’m trying to learn about now. My thought is that if one can generally do that with a 3DR Solo, I don’t think the Sitescan side of things would break that ability. But I’m still not sure how that side of things works at all, I see connecting with Mission Planner or QGroundControl and those are not used in regular Sitescan operation.