Using Sevey-in mode for Base ( NEO-M8P tiny)

i’m using tiny 2 Tiny RTK GPS NEO-M8P ( Base /Rover) .
Using u-center to configure the Base for Servey-In mode . I’m waiting so long to get status 'Successfully finished" , but It just shows ’ In progress ’ . ( And Fix mode : “3D” instead of " TIME" )

I have some questions

  1. while i’m setting the Base to get fix mode “TIME” , Does the Rover have to turn ON or just only the Base ?
  2. I put the Base and Rover in 1m distance , which should I use to connect " TELEMTRY" between the Base and Rover? and which should I use in long distance ?
  3. I configure the Base : UART 1 / RTCM3 1005 , 1077 , 1087 . Is it TRUE or i need more ?

PLEASE HELP , I’m just a beginer in RTK/GPS . I don’t have much time and need to finish quickly to control the automatic car .

1- only the base
2- Depends on your autopilot and what do you mean by long distance, a common choice is Pixhawk and 433 telemetry shared with Pixhawk via Mavlink injection
3- guess it is fine