Using XL RTK with a Raspberry Pi

Hi everyone !

I am using two XL RTK modules, one as a base, the oser as a rover (with the bridge soldered). I followed the tutorial to set up the modules and it seems to be ok. Now I embedded the rover GPS onto my terrestrian mobile robot to get ground truth measurement, and connected it to my Rasp. Pi 2 B+ (RX/TX).

I wrote a small code to get the data sent by the GPS and I clearly do not understand the meaning of it.

I also tested it with serial USB communication, and using the “cu” linux command, I was able to read the data sent approx. each second, but I was expecting it to provide directly the accurate position of my robot, and it seems to send data from all satellites… Therefore I am really confused and to be honest, I don’t know how to start.

Is there any available C++ / C / Python code to get the information of localization ?

Thank you so much and have a nice day :slight_smile:


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Have you configured your modules so that they output solution in ubx binary format (POSLLH, SOL, etc… messages)? You could otherwise work with NMEA, which is human readable and easily decoded. You can take the precise position from there.

That way, you wouldn’t need to use any library to decode the stream.


Thank you for your answer. I started working with NMEA, it seems to be really simple. I will come back to you soon to keep you informed.


I am interested in using M8P on Android/RPi as rover with CORS base station. Did you have success with your project? Could you tell us about your rover configuration?


Actually I had to finish some of my experiments so I did not investigated further. However, I have some time now and I am trying to fix my issue.

Have you being more successful with your project ?


I switched to using M8T instead.


Is it working correctly ?
Are you using differential mode ?

I am using rtklib in rtklib mode. Working good.

Great. Thanks for the information!