Very basic GPS with RMC and 4600 Baud only

I am looking for a very basic UBLOX device which I can configure to send only NMEA GPSRMC (not GN*) sentences at 1 or 2 per second at 4600 baud. I will connect the device to a Mode-S transponder in an experimental/ultralight aircraft (no special approval needed). The device will sit on the dashboard and would ideally accept 5v input. If necessary, I can get a puck type casing on ebay and pack the device in. I don’t mind cold-start latency but I want the device to work even if the internal battery runs out. Will gratefully accept any suggestions. Thx and regards, srini

Here are some findings: UBLOX devices can be configured to send $GN* or $GP* sentences by setting the main talker ID for NMEA in the u-center program. I learn that other sentences except RMC can be filtered out. The SAM-M8Q device seems to be OK with 5V. Of course, I mean 4800 baud, sorry for typo.

The only question which remains is whether the device will retain settings when the battery dies out. If yes, then I will run the device without batteries all the time. Any information? Thx and regards, srini


Exactly, the $GP or $GN is a configuration setting.
The 4800 is an available option inside port configuration, so that shouldn’t be a problem.

The devices actually can retain configuration, even if unplugged.

Hi Kevin thank you. I don’t mean simply unplugging. My question is:
does the device retain its configuration even if the on-board battery (button cell) dies?

Thx and regards srini

I found close to a full answer here:

Yes, the device holds the configuration even if the supercapacitor provides no voltage to the board.