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Voltage & current & 5.3V power supply SPEC

Voltage & current & 5.3V power supply Ref. 0806aA04.
I need the spec of maximum current that can be drain of 5.3V power supply. No spec on the site.

That module using ACS758 , this is the datasheet of it :

The datasheet is not for the power supply but for the sensor. I need to know how many amps I can safely drain from the 5.3V to power the autopilot and the system on board. Is a basic spec.

In 4 months no answer of the full spec of this drotek device. No answer from technical service, no answer in the forum, no answer in the wiki. I will move to other more serious company.

Hello Guglielmo,

Here is the datasheet of the TPS54361 which is the on-board 5V regulator :

Beware that the JST-GH cables may bottleneck the maximum output current (limited to 1Amp per JST-GH wire)


Many thanks…!
Not bad device at the end!