Voltage divider for power module pro on 4s?

Trying to figure out the proper settings for the power module pro on 4s

What have you done about the configuration?

Sorry, I meant voltage divider

I used the default settings from https://drotek.com/en/docs-dropix/#module-de-puissance-pro-5-2-2

In “Initial Setup”, select “Battery Monitor” and change the values:
Monitor : Voltage and Current
Sensor : Other
APM Ver : Pixhawk
Voltage Divider : 15.7
Amper per volt : 54.6

What voltage of lipo you can see on Mission Planner please?

It reports about 30v

I need a picture of your cabling betwwen PM and Dropix please.


I have exactly same issue (with a fresh ordered module) when setting the correct values for the voltage divider 15,7 the calculated voltage is around 30V for 4S battery, and for a 3S battery around 20V. Only if i use a divider around 7,5 it shows proper voltage values for both 3 and 4S battery. The wiring is correct like in the dropix guide. Can someone from drotek explain this please?

After checking, they are an error on the value of a resistor, you need to use 7,5 as voltage divider on your module.
Sorry for this mistake.

I advise you to use this methode to calibrate your module with better accuracy:

-Measure the voltage of your battery with a multimeter.

-On Mission Planner‘s INITIAL SETUP | Optional Hardware | Battery Monitor screen set the “Sensor” to “Other”.

-Enter the voltage according to the hand-held volt meter in the “Measured Battery Voltage” field

-Press tab or click out of the field and the “Voltage Divider (Calced)” value will update and the “Battery voltage (Calced)” should now equal the measured voltage