What compass with Neo-M8P RTK?

Since NEO-M8P RTK do not integrate a compass what is the best solution to add a compass for Pixhawk ?

Well the XL version does integrate HMC5983, otherwise you could add an external one.

Ok, any suggestion for a good external compass ?

You could have a look at this, it is the standard compass used on most boards.

I found out I cannot use I2C devices since the I2C bus is defective on my Mrobotics Pixhawk.

Is it possible to use a second Gps with Neo-Mp8 RTK ?

If yes I could use a CAN BUS Gps with mag and barometer on board.

Are you flying PX4 or Ardupilot?

I confirm the same I2C issue on Mrobotics pixhawk 1 boards.
Would it be possible to connect the HMC5983 compass break out board to a Pixhawk1, through another connector than I2C ?

Salut Hugues,
the Drotek HMC5983 compass break out board has also SPI pins but I ignore if the Ardupilot firmware can handle it.

I don’t think SPI is supported by Ardupilot nor by Pixhawk : no SPI port available.

Actually SPI is already supported at the driver level. Next coming Pixhawks will have SPI ports available.

Dear Kevin, are you stocking any compass solutions these days ? What is the reference setup for Tiny RTK with Pixhawk 4 ? The GPS comes with LED, button and compass, so how do I implement Tiny RTK GPS ? I am planning to use Ardupilot.