What compoments do I need to get RTK for my Solo?

I want to order I complete set to get RTK for my 3dr Solo. What I understand is that I have this two options:

  • Order ‘XXL RTK GPS’ and ‘3DR SOLO RTK GPS’. Is this together a complete set?
  • Order ‘Tiny RTK GPS (NEO-M8P Base)’ and ‘3DR SOLO RTK GPS’. What other compoments do I need then?



Is this a complete set for a Solo? Or do I need anything else?

You don’t need the tekemtry set since you will use the UDP connection. The rest is fine and works well with Solo. See my other thread in this forum.

Thanks for your reaction

I am using the Solo for development and I have a Raspberry Pi 3 connected to the Solo. I prefer to use radio telemetry which I can also use to send other information from the base station to the Raspberry Pi on the drone. Is this possible?

How does the Solo RTK GPS module gets its correction signals? Via USB or serial connection?

Are you not using SoloLink? Or you just want to use a separate pair of radios for differential data transmission?

I prefer not using SoloLink, because I want to develop as much as possible independent from the Solo, The reason is that in the future I want to build a similar system on another type of drone. So if it is possible, I would like to use a seperate pair of radios.

Ok I understand, do you want to connect telemetry to the FC or you just want a dedicated telemetry for TinyRTK?

I want to control the drone with Sololink, so keep that original. Beside that I want to have a telemetry set for TinyRTK. But this telemetry set I also want to use to send some data from the RPi connected to the drone to a RPi at the ground station.

Ok then, you can provide corrections to TinyRTK either by USB or serial.

Doesn’t the TinyRTK GPS also require a power source of some type? Or can it be powered via USB?

How does the UDP connection work, is that done through USB as well?

What I’m really wondering here:
If the TinyRTK has an antenna attached via the SMA connector and has connection to a computer via USB, does it not need a telemetry set or a separate power source?

I am not a tech guy, but my research depends on getting this up and running with a 3DR Solo RTK GPS Module, so I appreciate any answers to these questions.

Here you go:

  • connect tinyRTK to your laptop via USB. Connect the external antenna via the SMA connector
  • install the Solo RTK board and firmware as explained in the Drotek tutorial
  • connect your laptop to the Solo wifi network
  • start mission planner (latest beta release)
  • select UDP and connect mission planner to the Solo network

No separate power needed, no extra telemetry
See also my video posted in the Solo thread in this forum

Perfect. Thank you for the concise breakdown, mtbsteve!

I tried to provide the correction signals to the Solo GPS module by serial. (The Solo RTK module has only one serial port in stead of two). Therefore I cut through the wire going to the RX pin of the GPS module. I wanted to connect this to the TX of the telemetry. But the Solo gave an error (sound).

My question is. How can I provide the correction signals to the GPS module by serial?

And if I want to use USB, Can I just connect the telemetry USB to the GPS module USB?

Now I used this configuration, but it did not work. Is it wrong? Or should it work this way?

?? What are you trying to do?
The Drotek Solo RTK connects by default to the serial3 port of the Pixhawk inside Solo.
USB will not work.

I want to send the RTK correction signals bij 433MHz telemetry, not by sololink wifi.

How can this be done?

That will require a number of mods. First, You will need to run Arducopter 3.5 on Solo for RTK support outside Sololink.
Then you will need to connect the 433 mhz radio through Serial 2 on the accessory bay port. Usb doesn’t work. Lastly, configure Serial 2 as Telemetry port.
Arducopter 3.5 runs on Solo with a number of restrictions currently. You may check the Solo mod club on facebook for details.

Thanks for your reaction.
It seems that running Arducopter 3.5 on a Solo is quite complex and it requires to change the original Pixhawk by a Green Cube. I think I will wait a while and first using Sololink to send the RTK correction data. Does this implies that I have to use a groundstation (Laptop with Mission Planner)? Or can I also send this correction signals using a Raspberry Pi?

Yes you have to use mission planner for the ground station.

Running 3.5 is actually not such a big deal - I have it successfully running on one of my Solos.

I would like to join the discussion about green cube and ardupilot 3.5. Is there some progress with using Solo green cube and RTK?