What does green LED on NEO-8 signify?

What does the green “Fix” LED on the NEO-8 signify? About 30 seconds after I power up, my green light starts flashing at about 1-second intervals. Does this mean that it’s got a fix, or that it’s looking for a fix?

Should the flashing change when it gets a 3D fix, or when it gets a certain number of satellites?

Yes you are right. The green led is flashing when the GPS has the 3D fix.

Thank you.


for more details: the 3D fix start when you’ve approximatly 4 or 5 GPS signals which are used (signals in green in Ucenter)

The led on the base will only notify 3d fix, rtk float while that on the rover will notify 3d fix, rtk float and fix right ??+